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The Tanzanian Community in Italy (Jumuiya ya Watanzania Italy, JUWATAI).

Peace education is not a school subject….instead, it is actively enforced and done. Non-violence as a value is acquired through the education received through the social environment in which we live, much in the same way as one learns to swim or to eat with knife and fork. To be able to do anything in life, you have to be thrown in at the deep end and learn how to cope, for example: you cannot learn how to swim without getting wet.

Circolo Larus (Legambiente Larus Circle): a section of an envrionmental protection organisation in Sabaudia.

Tourist information (trips, holidays, bookings) on destinations around the world (the Susy Blady and Patrizio Roversi site)

Alessandro Parente is the founder and director of the Small Orchestra “La Viola” (voice, organetti and percussion), a music group inspired by popular music and composed by young musicians. They support Onlus Changamano.

Arcoiris is a freely accessible television channel on the internet. One of the differences, compared to traditional TV is that the viewer can decide what to watch at any given moment, without having to work around set airing times. The the site's content is constantly updated.

A web portal for African people.

Introductory course in Swahili

"KOMUGE Lavoriamo Insieme": Another volunteer association operating in Tanzania

Osageyfo is the blog giving information about African cultures, furthermore it presents news about the continent resources, columns and and information on a wide range of related topics. Examples from its columns: citations, the internet and technology, music, and recipes etc.

Terre Selvagge, sguardo sull'ignoto (Wild Earths, looking at the unknown). Sirio Smeriglio's site, aims to promote activities and events in and around Settimo Torinese.

The artist, Laura Bonessa's official site; from Settimo Torinese has been one of the voices of the local panorama for a few years now. The Cultural Association "Terre Selvagge" (Wild Earths) has given a concert for Changamano on 11/12/2008 at 9pm in “Suoneria” Auditorium (Settimo Torinese).

Demonstration and Bao Tornament – Torino 22/23-11-2008

Area Autoproduzione: a platform for games and authors to present themselves to a wider audience was one of Angelo Porazzi's ideas, around Italy various of these events have taken place, including the one at which Changamano ONLUS has presented Bao.Angelo Porazzi Games

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