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Give and Receive an Animal…

LOCATION –  Tanzania: Tunduru (Ruvuma)

ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE –  A.NA.NA (the partner association in the Tunduru area)

OBJECTIVE –  One animal, one family… more families

COST –  variable

What can YOU do:

You can make a contribution

of 350 euros to give a pregnant cow to a family

of 85.00 euros to give a goat to a family

or alternatively you could contribute what you can.


This project goes back to the general idea of the microcredit, where the objective is to give a family the chance to get out of poverty and become self-suficient as far as food, income and health are concerned.

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Criteria for Choosing the Recipients

The families are chosen from a group of local participants who are suffering great, economic hardship. The chosen families will receive training on how to handle the animal and share the experience of having an animal, until the end of our time there, starting with the first family in line.

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The families that receive an animal are tought about animal farming and supported personally by an animal care expert.
We appoint a zookeeper from the Center of Production of Milk Cows ; in Nangaramo for the cows, and one from the Naliendele Research Center (Mtwara) for the goats.

The recipients are asked to donate the first calf, born by the first kid of the original cow received, to another family. Sharing with others the young from your animals, along with the knowledge and resources, a network of hope, dignity and self-suficiency is created throughout the village.

Some photos of the first cows given to families as part of the project.


If you would like to know more, write to us at:

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How to contribute

If you would like to make a donation, you can use the giro account number 39280409 in the name of Changamano Onlus.

Full account details for any transfers you wish to make are:

International Bank Account Details (IBAN)
  National Bank Account Details (BBAN)
Country Check
IT 29
CIN ABI CAB Account Number
J 07601 14700 000039280409

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