Presentation of the Association

Proposals, objectives and Operational Modes

This non profit organisation that benefits society´s (ONLUS=Organizzazione Non Lucrativa di Utilità Sociale) “Changamano” (a Swahili word meaning Co-operation, Collaboration, Solidarity ) main aim is to start a series of initiatives encouraging social and economic growth within Tanzania's population, and to give culture the chance to spread, especially to places such as our country where immigration and crime are closely linked.

Research, communication, promotion, representative participation in Tanzania and Italy : are the instruments we use in order to promote development initiatives and co-operation, in conjunction with the ideas put forward by our association´s benificiaries.

The Association

The association wants to create a forum that facilitates the coordination of different activities within the program, and act as a platform for all initiatives (primarily for those that have emerged as a priority of the interest of solidarity) on the subjects of co-operation and development.

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Forums, Seminars, and Workshops

The association tries to put on a series of seminars, forums and workshops , , with the aim of presenting the different projects and putting the acquired knowledge from the course and the activities to use,furthermore we are trying to give something back to the communities that have helped us to provide villages with a better outlook on the future.

The Website

The site site was created as another way of giving out information about the activities as well as the results from our polls, and therefore is could be seen as the “touchstone” for all the project´s participants.

The site guides visitors through various subject areas; and contains helpful information and material; furthermore it contains spaces dedicated to the initiative;promoting other subjects; has a forum and mailing list detailing other interesting facts about the organisation and the development projects we are currently working on.

There will also be containing translations of the pages which may be of some interest to international public. At the moment there are translations into Esperanto and, thanks to Initiative Mondo Lingua, English, French and German.

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The agreement with the partner associations

The agreements for the different projects are different every time, as they have to be adapted to the needs of the culture of each individual social body.

The greatest involvement and responsibility happens on a local level; the negotiations, ideas, proposals and different experiences all represent the fundamental characteristics of the agreement.

The first areas in which the agreed method of work was applied were the region of Mara in the North, and the region of Ruvuma , in the South. Both of these have a large population of people living in poverty.

  • in Bunda (Mara), there is the partner association Zinduka, with offices in Nyamuswa, from where we operate in about 15 villages
  • in Tunduru (Ruvuma), there is the partner association A.NA.NA, with offices in Nandembo and from where we operate in 7 villages.

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Institutional Activities

The aim of the program has been to construct and observe, that gestisce and aggiorna:

Dans le cadre du programme, un observatoire a été mis en place; il s’occupe de la gestion et de la mise à jour de:

  • la base de données contenant les indicateurs statistiques disponibles en matière de développement économique et social: données du dernier recensement correspondant aux zones dans lesquelles nous intervenons:
    the bank statements show us how much economic and social development tools we have available to work with in the other areas we operate in: Mara and Ruvuma
  • results of the family income survey carried out in the years 2000 and 2001, by Tanzania's National Office, available in both Swahili and English
  • bibliography , research and legislative material on different subject areas.

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